Butterfly paper punch

On each page is written the day of the week and includes a drawing of the food the caterpillar ate that day.

Paper Punch Addiction

Cut a section of the green painted paper to fit into the corner of the background square. We then added the labels that I had printed out from the computer.

Then they made slide shows using Kid Pix Deluxe. Submitted by Trevor Block My three year old son loves the book, and has done some activities based on it at school. These spaces all had velcro circles so it could be used over and over in many different ways. After that I closed my card up to ensure the wing was glued to the right spot and would allow the banner to open evenly.

I told them they could paint the pieces whatever way they wanted. Their shows were even e-mailed to parents. Because of the graduated pages in the book, the child can view all the fruits the caterpillar eats at the same time. Each food has a slit cut out of the middle.

In one of my college classes, I created a Very Hungry Caterpillar bullentin board that kindergarten students could use to count, sort, and categorize. We mounted each collage on a solid piece of construction paper. Remember you can always make paper punch and Big Shot butterflies.

Each student just needs a piece around this size. Submitted by Jaime Stewart I am student teaching in a kindergarten class and we are learning beginning sounds. Officials may manually count the ballots in the event of a dispute.

Add 2 goggly eyes, a mouth with a scrap of white paper, and feet using a sharpie. But he has made up for it.

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We add paper antennae and a magnet so the children can hang the butterflies on their refrigerators at home. We also painted our hardboards.

The ballot may be pre-printed with candidates and referendums, or may be a generic ballot placed under a printed list of candidates and referendums. As the voter makes a selection, the DRE creates an electronic ballot stored by in the memory components of the system.

Bloom Where You are Planted Purpose Learning how to create the appearance of texture with various tools and techniques. The objective of the unit is to teach the children the basic components of a story: Punched card voting systems are being replaced by other voting systems because of a high rate of inaccuracy related to the incomplete removal of the perforated chad and the inaccessibility to voters with disabilities.

After the butterflies have dried, we insert our them into our cocoons. Tabulating machines count the ballots either after the polls close or as the voters feed the ballots into the machine, in which case the results are not known until after the polls close.

It is still around. Then just glue the center of your butterflies onto the dots. Voters with disabilities may be provided with electronic ballot marking devices. Folding the paper achieves the same result, without the need to hold the petals in place.

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Submitted by Darlene Jarosz I teach 4 and 5 year olds in Virginia. We then discuss the book in stages and with each stage we have an interactive activity to help the child remember and restate the stage.

Then I added some stamped images from Papillon Potpourrie stamp set and made a tag also with the Banner Triple punch. Carle, for so many wonderful stories, such as this one, that we treasure in our home library.

Slide the bone folder into the folds to help make them separate a bit This paper butterfly is complete: A picture of the butterfly is at the end of the game.

Paper Butterfly Making a Paper Butterfly is easier than you might think. You can put them in a perfect grid, use a ruler and lightly mark with pencil where you want them glued, or scatter them across the page as if they are taking flight. The EK Tools Butterfly Layering Punch creates 3 unique shapes from just one punch!

EK Success BUTTERFLY Layering Punch stamping and paper crafting to jewelry making, needlecrafts, and kids' crafts, their products will inspire you to celebrate everyday life!

A ballot is a device used to cast votes in an election, and may be a piece of paper or a small ball used in secret voting. It was originally a small ball (see blackballing) used to record decisions made by voters. Each voter uses one ballot, and ballots are not shared. In the simplest elections, a ballot may be a simple scrap of paper on which each voter writes in the name of a candidate, but.

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Butterfly paper punch
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