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Teachers using more productive teaching styles can contribute more to the promotion of physical activity among students. Studies have shown that the students belonging to Hindi medium Schools Saraswati Shishu Mandirs have a more oriental based culture than the students of public schools.

Thus, we find that English Medium teachers show a preference for Objective based style while Hindi Medium teachers choose to follow Traditional style of teaching.

For fulfilling the requirements of sample about school teachers were selected randomly from Hindi Medium and English Medium schools of Bareilly. The Journal of Experimental Education, vol.

Tales for the past; Building small learning communities. When they achieve some outstanding results, they compare their achievements with the achievements of English — medium and convent schools.

Therefore, the Null hypothesis that there is no significant difference in the attitude of the teachers Indian Educational Review, Vol. Thirdly, he collected the ranking of these characteristics by a panel of ten advanced research students of creative personality.

And the last paper of the issue aims to investigate the effectiveness of concept mapping strategy on the achievement and concept retention in organic chemistry of Class XII science students belonging to higher intelligence and lower intelligence groups. A study of factors responsible for the development of a particular teaching style in a teacher is quite desirable.

On the basis of ranking by judges 50 items were retained in the test constructed by pairing the differing characteristics of differing ranks. Studies have suggested that they may be useful in evaluating the quality of teaching Bennet and Jordan, Rastogi through her study reveals that after the implementation of three language formula, the students speaking and studying in Malayalam find it difficult to read and speak in Hindi as compared to English.

Table 2 Correlation between scores on W. The study also endeavours to study whether there is any significant difference in the styles of teaching of Hindi Medium and English Medium school teachers — do they prefer a traditional style or an objective based style. The reliability coefficient on the sample of students is 0.

Dissertation, University of Allahbad, U.

As a result of it, they have more positive attitude of their teachers towards teaching. The test can be easily administered.

Job satisfaction of teacher educators in relation to their attitude towards teaching. Present study attempts to ascertain the administrative behaviour of the secondary school Principals and attitude of the teachers towards teaching. It is a journal of opinion and research in the field of education.

Some of these are situated in busy, narrow residential and congested areas, with noisy, busy and unsafe surroundings. Navjivan Ahmedabad Phone: Most interviews are held in English, where Hindi-medium students feel helpless. We plan to bring out some special issues of lER. The thirty two statements that have been constructed for this purpose have content validity in terms of recognised characteristics of good teacher.

Statement of the problem The present study attempts to ascertain the ten dimensions of the administrative behavioural characteristics of the secondary school Principals and the attitude of their teachers towards teaching. Sample and Sampling Techniques The study population comprised of higher secondary schools of Meerut region.

Therefore; the Null hypothesis that there is no significant difference in the attitude of the teachers working with the Principals having differentially developed Authoritarian administrative behaviour is selected. Badrunisha and Gupta Kiran. A sample of subjects from the primary school teachers took the same test twice a time interval of one week and reliability coefficient of 0.

Procedural Objective of the Study To categorise Hindi Medium and English Medium school teachers in two groups of two types of teaching styles namely, Traditional style and Objective based style of teaching.

Most of these schools do not have well equipped science or computer labs and space for sports activities. Same research may also be conducted after a lapse of time. The principal reason for releasing the Indian Educational Review, Vol. The teachers scoring above the value of median. Contributions are also invited reporting all kinds of empirical research in education, whether sociological, psychological, economic or organisational.

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Prativedan writing a cover
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